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Caught Crossing the Wall

Anya shifted in the steel chair, arched her back and tilted her head from one shoulder to the other. Her cheek burned and the taste of blood in her mouth was strong. The back tooth, her molar, swayed slightly from the pressure of her tongue.… Read More

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Sister Lives

There are two fears that loom large in my life. The first is health; so much matters around that. The quality of our life is largely dictated by health first (and then money and companionship and all the other things. But, if you don’t have… Read More

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In the Thin Blue Light

The headaches were the worst part. Samantha felt the tightness around her head like a belt being ratcheted to the smallest hole. She knew she was going to feel like this for the better part of the month, even with all the meds they pumped… Read More

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Joy is Consistency

This past week has been one full of movies and television shows. I think I have stared at my TV screen for as many hours as I’ve spent with my face planted in a pillow fitfully sleeping. I don’t often watch this much but being… Read More

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Sick & Privileged Thoughts

A Tuesday afternoon and I’m still in my pajamas. Being sick is such a pain in the tuckus. The thing about being an adult—being a sick adult—means that you don’t get a day off. I’ve still had to work today. There’s a deadline looming tomorrow… Read More

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Get a Move on Jane

Jane—at least that’s what she thought her name was for tonight; maybe it was Erica—slid through the crowded room, around gesticulating bodies wrapped up in each other’s limbs. The bass pounding on the floor, like an off-balance washing machine, her only connection to the rest… Read More