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Origin Story

The child was very much alive. Abbess Mary Margaret, in her crouched position on the door stoop, pulled the white blanket down to the end of the bassinet. The child looked healthy enough. Her cheeks were red from the cold, and the nun watched the… Read More

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It’s a black virus wending its way through your veins or a vicious storm on the sea’s horizon threatening the small, wooden boat you just finished building. Silly metaphors for a very real issue that I find myself grappling with on an almost daily basis.… Read More

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Time Is Not on Your Side

I’ve been quiet here on my blog this week. I’ve needed some time to sort through thoughts and feelings without having to be coherent or cohesive. There is something wonderful and raw in just putting pen to paper, morning after morning, following one sinewy thought… Read More

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Maybe We Can

I know it’s not good to write about politics or religion. These topics are hugely divisive and problematic. It has always been this way. This current administration can be found in McCarthyism and the Civil War and any number of events between now and centuries… Read More

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Keep Moving South

The rain pounds outside. The sleet mixes in, bangs against the windows and tin roof, like an angry wolf attacking a helpless rabbit. It is cold and raw; the kind of day where layers of clothing don’t matter, not that the thin shreds clinging to… Read More

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Coffee and Complaining

“I like my coffee black. You look like a young Helen Mirren. These are truths. They’re facts,” he said, pouring a cup of black coffee. The sky behind him grew orange in the setting sun dipping behind the Rockies. His bare chest was white in… Read More

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Loving the Giants

It’s going to be a difficult night to write here. I should have written this morning but I was busy doing other things. And now, the Super Bowl is on and I’m watching the Patriots lose two minutes from the end of the half. To… Read More

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Late October, 1999

Thursday 28 October 1999 8:45 in the morning Well, I guess I’m in Pioneer, California, sitting at Amador Station off of Highway 88. What a crazy day yesterday… So began my journal entry from that day a little over seventeen years ago. I’ve spent the… Read More