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Origin Story

The child was very much alive. Abbess Mary Margaret, in her crouched position on the door stoop, pulled the white blanket down to the end of the bassinet. The child looked healthy enough. Her cheeks were red from the cold, and the nun watched the… Read More

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Keep Moving South

The rain pounds outside. The sleet mixes in, bangs against the windows and tin roof, like an angry wolf attacking a helpless rabbit. It is cold and raw; the kind of day where layers of clothing don’t matter, not that the thin shreds clinging to… Read More

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Coffee and Complaining

“I like my coffee black. You look like a young Helen Mirren. These are truths. They’re facts,” he said, pouring a cup of black coffee. The sky behind him grew orange in the setting sun dipping behind the Rockies. His bare chest was white in… Read More

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Caught Crossing the Wall

Anya shifted in the steel chair, arched her back and tilted her head from one shoulder to the other. Her cheek burned and the taste of blood in her mouth was strong. The back tooth, her molar, swayed slightly from the pressure of her tongue.… Read More

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In the Thin Blue Light

The headaches were the worst part. Samantha felt the tightness around her head like a belt being ratcheted to the smallest hole. She knew she was going to feel like this for the better part of the month, even with all the meds they pumped… Read More

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Get a Move on Jane

Jane—at least that’s what she thought her name was for tonight; maybe it was Erica—slid through the crowded room, around gesticulating bodies wrapped up in each other’s limbs. The bass pounding on the floor, like an off-balance washing machine, her only connection to the rest… Read More

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First Job

I wasn't always a software programmer. There was a time when I was actually employed by a publishing house. You've never heard of it, I can pretty much guarantee that and they've long gone out of business (well, by long, I mean a decade or… Read More